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Purchased both the tristar pump 12 ga.shotgun and the camo 20 ga.

semi. Both guns held up for a while then the bolt came out of the pump and soon after the semi stopped ejecting. I use my guns and these could just not handle it. I would suggest staying away from these guns if you plan on actually using them.

The pump was repaired and did funtion for about six months and guess what, another problem. The shotgun would not eject spent shells. The 20 gauge followed close behind with another problem.

I now let them sit alone in the safe because I would dare not try to pass them along to someone else.I do take care of my firearms so that was not the issue, poor quality is the problem.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Garbage gun, good for hanging above your fireplace or turning into a lamp. I have an O/U with less than 2000 rounds of Winchester AA Light Trap loads (1145 fps) and was told by Tristar that the gun was worn out due to excessive use.


I bought a 20 gauge tristar and it had never cycled reliably. Cleaned it over and over again. *** me for not sending it back.


I got a base model viper g2 in 2011 and in those 6 years I've put I font know how many thousands of rounds through it at least 5000 a year in cheap birdshot plus my handloads which range from light 7/8 ounce birdshot and low recoil 1200 fps slugs to1600 fps 000 Buck and 1800 fps 1 oz slugs it even ate the lumpy *** shells from when I started loading shotshells ( started about a year after I got it) it's never had a series malfunction and has probly jammed less than a dozen times in that period I even dropped it out of a deer stand at about 30 feet it was fine the gun is amazing if yours had a problem it was you I've probly hunt every game species in my state with this shotgun and had great results so don't blame the gun for your inadequacies

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1248215

I would suggest that most of the problems I'm reading on here sound like crappy ammo. My experience with TriStar pump guns has been great. But you normally can't run cheap mo in a cheap gun...

to Anonymous #1389450

My daughter had a Setter ST for trap shooting.Fired less than 2000 rounds of Winchester AA, Light Target Loads, 1145 FPS.

The firing pin turned the hole in the receiver into an egg shape, the firing pin broke twice and put a deep gouge in the shell extractor and chamber. After sending the gun back to Tristar for warranty work they did nothing and sent me a letter along with the shotgun saying that it was worn out due to excessive use suggested I purchase a new much more expensive Tristar shotgun.

Even with all the damage to the receiver, extractor and chamber Tristar says the gun "should be safe for operation".Would you let your daughter shoot a gun that "should be safe"?

How is Winchester AA cheap ammo?

Michael Hartmann (I want to make sure people see my name.)


I bought a 12 gauge semi auto TRISTAR in January of 2013 for deer, it worked well as I killed the first 3 deer I shot at with it. Now in november of the same year 2013 it has started jamming not kicking out the cartridges! :(


Tri Star has a great warranty/ no questions asked! Use it!


I once knew a fellow who trashed a new Corvette and went around telling anyone he could what trash Corvettes were. My two Tristar autos run great. I also have a 50 year old 1100 I bought new that does too.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #625827

TriStar's no hassle FIVE YEAR WARRANTY.

Every company has a few finished products with some bugs.

use the warranty.

enough said.


Just bought a 20 guage for my son and let me tell you for the money this thing will hang with my Beretta's.You will not get hurt with one of these guns....must be the user that has problems, learn how to use a gun!!

Great price, Great Gun!:zzz

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