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I purchased the Montel Williams Pressure Cooker. The first one was damaged, it took forever to get it replaced.

The second that I received was used and the close open button broke. Now I have to send it back. When I called them to tell I needed a new one not a broken or used one. Cust Svc said they have no control of what they send me.

I had to make two more calls to get the return slip. It suppose to be sent not received it yet. I purchased it about three months ago.

Don't go though this.

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how do u even find a number to contact someone I bought my mom one and a part fell off and now she cant use it its a 200. piece of junk

help call me 1

1 607 622 5370 barb


Unit's float valve broke after a few uses. Called customer service and they said they no longer make the machine and dont have any parts so basically since they dont make or replace the many parts this machine has, if one breaks, you have to trash it.


Do not buy this unless you want to trash it if anything breaks on it. Montel should be ashamed of this kind of service.


I have owned pressure cooker for over 2 years now. I need to replace the rubber gasket for lid and found out you do not make them What can I do now?

I really like the cooker, but need the gasket to continue cooking in it.

It was about $200 for the one I got, and I do not want to get rid of it after only 2 years. I think Montel could at least get me a gasket or quit doing false representation.


I purchased the Pressure Cooker. After I used 7-8 times is liking all around.

I paid $174.96 Now they want me to send it back on my own expense to fix it. Do not buy this product!

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