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I am soooo pissed with this company their customer service *** they don't don't care at all about people.They just wanna charge as much as they can.Be very careful they may go into your bank account/credit card and charge extra of course without your approval. Beginning of 2008 I ordered a k-styler and paid for it in monthly payments.First of all the product *** because it broke in just a couple months.They say they fix it for you for a $19.99 charge.So no warranty right there.

They only have ONE phone number that you can reach them at because you have to call in order to send it back for whatever reason and they give you a referral number.Why do they do all that?Because they wanna make it harder and harder for the customers to reach them so they finally give up.You can not email them either they have no email address. My boyfriend kept calling and calling and calling it's impossible to reach them they just say the lines are busy try later and then they hang up on you.Sometimes you think you're right there you're on the line waiting forever ringing and ringing and then they just disconnect the calls.The call just drops after half an hour waiting on the line. To make a long story short I finally get their approval to send it back to be fixed/exchanged.I put everything in the original box like they instructed me including the hair serums,combs,clips etc. plus a check like they asked for the amount of $19.99 for the repairs.

My last payment was on 04/14/08.I sent the k-styler back on 05/28/08 even though it broke way before that because the process took forever like i already mentioned.I also included the check.I didn't hear anything from them and I thought I wasn't going to get nothing back fixed or not.Again I tried to reach them but thats IMPOSSIBLE and very frustrating to say the least. I asked my sister to order me another one so I paid for 2 of them because I figured they're not gonna send the first one back and my sister said oh well just get another one. On 11/26/08 I get this charge to my bank account from k-styler that's right without them contacting me in any way they just think they have the right to go into my bank account and charge it $19.99.This to me is FRAUD I don't care what others call it.I finally after many attempts get to talk to someone in there who assures me that charge is for the repairs and that I'm gonna get the k-styler back soon that being 6 months after i sent it back to them for repairs.He also assures me that if they charged my bank account the repair fee they're not gonna deposit the check too. And yes I do get it back after a couple more weeks in an old brown box without my accessories all scratched and dented like it went through a war.But that's not all now they deposit my initial check that I sent for the repairs too.So they charged me the $19.99 for repairs TWICE.Are these people for real?

Again I tried over and over again to reach them by phone but that's impossible.I finally found an email address for tristarproducts and emailed them.No response back in any way shape or form. So I ended up paying for 2 k-stylers because by now I couldn't send the second one back plus twice for only one repair and that's $39.98 that I don't think I should pay for anyway even once as it was not my fault that it broke.If they find that it's your fault they're not repairing it in the first place.Not to mention that I had problems even with the second one that I bought but *** no I don't wanna send it back for repairs and go through the same nightmare again.

So as you can see their product *** the customer service *** their policy on repair/exchange *** as it favors them instead of the customer they charged my bank account without my approval when they shouldn't even charge it to begin with because I did send them a $19.99 check witch they cashed for the repairs.And I ended up paying double for a horrible product as none of the 2 k-stylers were working properly.New products not working never heard or been through anything worse than this in my life and I hope I never will. Once again horrible horrible horrible never gonna buy nothing again from tristar products.THEY SUCK!!!

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