Tristar Products - Extension tube for a 20ga semiauto

First I could not understand your representative. Plus I knew more about a gun in the person I was trying to talk to. Poor customer service.
The cooker overheated and wouldn’t turn back on. When I contacted customer support, we went through the steps of resetting-didn’t take. After arguing with several tellers, finally someon offered to replace it if send a check. 3 weeks have gone by since I’ve shipped it...
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Tristar Products - Power airfryer xl

Who the heck wrote the cook book. I guess they didn't proof read it first. Was cooking chicken and it turned into a turkey

Tristar Products - Bad produckot as advertised sheet pan is not non sti

Your sheet pan is not non stick I cooked French frys and I had a mess the pan was all spotted and did not clean up at all what a mess and your customer care dept did nothing at all to resolve the problem what a joke
Advertised vs Delivered
Customer service
Delivery Service
Discounts and Special Offers
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Layout of Store
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
parts for pressure cooker model #EPC640 EPC650 EPC660 EPC 640D EPC660D I need part for this model and i can not find any if you do not have parts for this pressure cooker I need to know I need answer from your company so i can get not buy some thing from your company...
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I bought a Tristar Blender for $73.99 with a one year warranty. After two months of owning the product, the blender started smoking when I tried to use it and stopped working. I notified Tristar and they told me the blender had been discontinued. They wanted me to ship...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service the worst

Tristar Products - Return for refund

I followed the directions and it doesn't work so I want my refund I have sent the product back.
I was very happy with the AIr Climber and used it for several months, then all of a sudden it stopped inflating. It's like the unit doesn't hold air anymore, and the pedals won't go up to their full height. I've been looking online to see if there is any way to repair...
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Tristar Products - Flex-AbleHose - $'s down the drain for two of them
I purchased two flex-ablehose, one last year and it burst and another one this year hoping that maybe the last year one was defective but no, it burst. I barely used both of them for just watering my pots and I am disappointed as I LIKED THEM them very much as they are...
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I liked
  • Light and effective
  • Liked
  • That it is light
I didn't like
  • It burst after few light uses
Advertised as no sticking no oil needed to cook. Every thing stuck when I cooked in it does not wipe clean as advertisement says eggs , cheese, potatoes, stick and do not slide right out . When I called to complain they want me to pay them to return the product that's...
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