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I am writing this poor review after I've made several attempts to resolve my issue. It is amazing how something so small can really reveal how a company runs it's business.

First off, I want to say that for the 4 instances where this juicer was actually doing it's job, it was a pretty decent product. Unfortunately this is where the happiness ends.

This juicer was a gift from my in-laws a couple of months ago. The 5th time we used this thing, we were met with a counter-top and floor covered with juice that wasn't diverted down the 'non-drip spout'. We turned the juicer off, inspected all the components and realized that the non-drip spout had a broken stopper and this caused our spillage. I don't know how the stopper became broken, but I'm assuming that this is a pretty common issue since the non-drip spout has been SOLD OUT on their website since March. I emailed customer service on May 28th, with no reply after over a month passing. I emailed them again early July to realize that they must not answer any customer care emails due to the fact that their mail box was full.

"----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

----- Transcript of session follows -----

554 5.2.2 Mail box full.

554 5.0.0 Service unavailable"

So I called them today to talk about the faulty product via phone. I explained how it was a gift and after only a few uses was basically a glorified paperweight. Victor (Employee T84)explained to me that PowerJuicer came with NO WARRANTY whatsoever on the product, even though I was staring at the limited manufacturer's warranty on their own web page! All he seemed to want was to sell me a new non-drip spout for $4.99. After what seemed like forever, I eventually gave into Victor's complete lack of knowledge and help on the product and gave him my CC info to purchase a new spout. I had no choice.

I've found that apparently that's the way this company (Tristar Group) works, after looking up multiple sites ( and Honestly I'm appalled at the customer service here, and the fact that the goal of the service rep is to try and squeeze more money out of you if they can. I guess they run their business like their product. Terrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tristar Products Customer Care.

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