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I thought I was buying a quality appliance but within one month the Montel Williams "Healthmaster blender" started spitting out brown oil. Then this oil got into the actual container where you put your food.

We called the company and got put on hold for over 20 minutes. We called back and the same thing happened. Finally I decided to look up what other customers had to say about this machine, and found that there were plenty of people who had the same or similar experiences and got taken by this shoddy piece of junk. Please do not buy this and waste your money!

If I can keep one person from buying it, it will be worth it. We lost $269.

Since no one would come back to the phone after repeated calls to Tristar, we just threw the Healthmaster in the trash...where it belongs. I'm contacting everyone I know on Twitter and Facebook to warn them about this product and the horrible customer service.

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the same thing happened to me. I bought this product in may of 2010 and after about 2 or 3 times of use the same brown substance started splattering out the bottom...we are now returning it and I have no faith that i will get my money back. I will be buying a vitamix.

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