Monee, Illinois
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Ordered the Iron in May, got it and the very first time iI used it the spring broke from the handle. Contacted Cust Service they said they would ship a return label right away.

I called 2 weeks later, no one had shipped the label, I told them this is too much of a hassle, refund my money. The operator said for the "inconvience" they would refund 39.00. I agreed, label came, sent iron back. After 20 some days, I called asking about the iron, they said they can't coordinate with the warehouse so they have no idea when the new one will be shipped.

Now the fun begins, I asked for a refund, explaining to 4 different operators the situation and EVERY time they are all rude and short. They are now saying because I was given a partial refund, I have to accept the iron and no refund will be given! We'll see what the NJ BBB has to say about what I believe is fraud and extortion!


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I bought a product from Tristar. The product name is Rotoshave.

I got their trial version. It was not very good, so they promised to give me a better version and refund all my money for the trial version. They have not refunded my money. In fact they charged my card again.

I have already returned all their products but still I have not seen any money yet.

What are my rights and how can I get my money back? Please if anyone knows about how to get people to understand about this company it will be great.


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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #26541

The girl Mary that had no problems w/the k-styler, I think you are full of it. If you really had such a pleasant experience w/this company-give it a week or two and when your flat iron breaks again lets see how friendly they are to you.The product is a piece of garbage sweety.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #26539

I ordered the k-styler in June and received it July 2,. I used it one time and it never turned back on.

Contacted Cust Service they said they would ship a return label right away. I called 2 weeks later, no one had shipped the label, I told them to please send me a return label asap. They assured me I would receive it no later than 10 days from my 1st call. I placed at least 7 calls to this company and each time I got the run around.

Asked to speak to a superviser or manager and the girl said to me oh i'm sorry the superviser is on the phone w/another customer complaint. I went to my bank and told them to stop any payments that this company tries to deduct out of my account. It is now August 6, and I called again today. Sandra the phone Rep that took my call said oh are you having trouble w/your account?

I told her no I stopped your company from getting paid because I received no return label as promised 7 times and I want a refund. The genius tells me I have to unblock my account so they can take another payment than I can receive a refund and they would mail me another return label. I laughed at her because I explained to her 5 times I never received the first return label. I told Sandra to dress nice for the next month or two cause she might be on the news.

I told her I was calling the news station about this company and hopefully they will get my money refunded. I want to contact Help me Howard to get this company info out there so they can't do this to anyone else. They have some rackett going and it isn't right. I already reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

It seems this company has many complaints about them w/BBB. I think the one or two people that write a great review on here about this company are people that actually work there and are asked to write the great reviews.

Honestly, this product sucks! Please don't purchase a K-Styler you will not be happy with the results.

Oberwart, Burgenland, Austria #24957

i had bought this iron too and i also had a part of it break i got a hold of customer service and they sent me a label in about a week i gave my styler and i got it back within about a week i dontknow why you had problems they were really friendly for me!!!

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