On 5/12/2013, I ordered the Xhose special as seen on TV, buy one, get one free. I received the first one , but have never received the 2nd.

Tried to locate it through the Fedex tracking system, but it doesn't work. I tried to locate a telephone number for Tristar, but none was available. Cannot find a phone number to request assistance. Item was supposedly shipped 6/05/2013, but never received it.

Need help in trying to locate Tristar so I can see what is going on with my order. I am through with my explanation, but when I try to submit, it keeps coming back and saying there should be at lesst 100 word in my explanation.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #669359

On May 11, my mom ordered the 75' hose and got the one free. Total cost $59 and change.

She used her name on the credit card.

Then, on June 12, 2 more hoses showed up with my dad's name on it. Then on June 15, 2 more hoses showed up, again with his name on it. He is 884 and never ordered anything. Still trying to figure out how they got his name, using her credit card.

It is the same account, but he has his own card. Hoses are junk. Mastercard says we have to actually return the hoses before we can initiate a dispute. Postage will be about $30.00.

The company says they will refund all but the shipping charges, which totals $60.00, the $30.00 I am paying to ship them back.

Federal law says if you receive an unsolicited parcl, you can keep it,and you don't have to return it to the sender. I advised Mastercard of this, but they were no help.Never, ever buy anything from Tristar, especialy wherre you get the second one just by paying postage and handling.

to rickpnc Montgomery, Alabama, United States #836401

Don't pay that part of your m/c bill, as it is now in dispute. Let them do their investigation, but if they get their payment from you first, you're out of luck.

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