My wife watched a TriStar advertisement for the Genie Bra. She plays sports every day, so this is something whe is always looking for. The commercial ad on TV said that the price was $59.99 for six of the sports bras, "plus shipping and handling." But when I called to make the order, they had split the order to three bra's for $59.99, and three for free, except that you had to pay separate shipping and handling for each group of three. That turned a $59.99 order into an $87+ order, because they added two shipping and handling charges, for the order. I'm sorry to say that this is more and more what we have to expect when ordering online -- outright deception, and more cost than is advertised on their "infomerc- ials."

So, do not expect any shining example of savings from this order. They will get you with their unstated (in the commercial) 32% S&H. Add this to rude and curt, and you have the perfect combination for making money online; rude and curt phone presence, and outright deception on terms.


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im sure same people go to the post office and want to use one stamp for two letters because its one visit...wth


Hey, its right on the screen under the price. S&P shipping and processing on each 3 bras...

pay attention!!! I love 'em!!!!


No one says "shipping and handling" any more. They say "PROCESSING and handling." And the extra "free" product is optional. Refuse it, and they sweeten the deal.

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